Monday, September 7, 2009

My 7 Havens!

7 places I absolutely love with or without reasons :)

1. Defence colony, Ambajhari, Nagpur - The green and calm neighbourhood. The place where I made friends for life, KV (my school), ATS ground (The most happening place for us), Chota park (Small Park) and Bada park (Big park), Dance class, each and every street. I spent 15 years of my life their and still relate to that simple living. Accomplished a lot of things and was famous also. :D

2. VasantRao Deshpande Hall, Nagpur - I gave my first performance there. The anxiety and the excitement all combined, moments before my performance and the loud cheers and applauses of people when I strike the final pose... is definitely the best feeling and my craving never ends.

3. YCCE, Nagpur - The place where I had entered with lots of dreams and confusion (which by the way is always there). Fights, friendships, love, celebrations, laughter, The Quest... it all happened here. Wish to go back and study a bit more... Naah, no way! More fun sounds more like it :)

3. Reliance Stairs, Bavdhan, Pune - Away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding, dark but full of colours we painted it with. Cold but filled with the warmth of the people around. Long chats, birthday celebrations, emotion overflowed at times, reunion with friends.. everything happened there.

4. Flat no. 4, Shyamla Regency, Pune - Definitely a home away from home irrespective of the amount of time i spent at home. (You can stop nodding Yammy :P). A place where humanities evolved and crashed at times. :)

5. Sus Road Tekdi - Actually there are 2 of them. When i discovered the first one with someone, nothing looked more beautiful than that place, that very evening. The other tekdi was more like a relax and retrospect kind of a place. Amazing just amazing!

6. KPIT cafeteria - I would always get the much needed upliftment of spirit there. My first job's first cafeteria! The eventually "it turned out long" short breaks, over a cup of tea/coffee with cookies, laughing about nothing, try to console each other when bosses/work made our life hell, meetings (yes we had serious, all work, tea meetings :)).
Just for all that, I want to come back.

7. The outings - Though I love all the outings I managed to be a part of while in Pune. But playing fair to mention just one place, I would say the best one was definitely the Konakan bike entourage! Sheer bliss. :D

Ended up giving detailed reasons here. :P
But I loved doing this.

Keeping up with the tradition I now tag:

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Yamini said...

Simply Awesome :) :)

Thanks for taking it forward :)

Aniket said...

I think you have my blog URl wrong. :D Abe IT industry mein reh ke tune CTRL C - CTRL V bhi nahi seekha to kya seekha?! :D

And I've already done a similar tag. So you might as well just read it:

BTW, I too love the talks we've had on the Reliance Stairs. Kuch to baat hai yar uski. Saala sab senti ho jaate hain. :D

PS: Jungle mein tujhe net kahan se mil gaya?

Caught Offside! said...

Nice! Real nice. Very well written :) You made me travel through all of them...

Niks said...

Nice gurl..!!
You might notice a thing out in your post..."Mind is a weird just recalls the memories in near past.."
It just keeps on replacing...